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Five epic WFH productivity hacks

We’re all now experts in working from home, loving the zero commute time and the secret slipper wearing under the desk. Our workwear is now cosy loungewear, and lunches consist of last night’s leftovers. Life has taken a slower pace, but has your productivity?

Here are our top tips for remaining at the top of your game when working from home:

Phone-free ‘power hour’

We love a power hour! And it’s most productive when completely distraction-free. So

pop the dog on his bed, put your phone in another room and shut down all apps on your computer that will distract (Mail, Whatsapp, Messenger and socials). Spend the first 5 minutes of your power hour defining what you want to achieve at the end of your session.

Get set, go! How did you get on? What did you achieve? Schedule in at least 3 power-hours per week and see your productivity sky-rocket!

Create a vision wall

Without our colleagues nearby to bounce ideas around with, ideas and inspiration can easily dry up. To keep the creative juices flowing, our top tip is to find somewhere in your home to create a vision wall. This doesn’t have to be the entire wall, buy a large cheap cork board from Amazon and pop it above your computer set-up.

Then rewind to your primary school days; cut and paste is back! Visualise your strategy or project through searching and printing images, quotes and snippets and add them to your vis wall. It’s like a real-life Pinterest.

Plan, plan, plan.

It’s so easy to be distracted by domestic chores or doomscrolling through socials. You

would have planned out your day in the office, so make sure you continue this habit at home too.

The team at Work From Here love using Trello to organise our tasks, but who doesn’t love a good old traditional list! And there’s nothing like starting a fresh new notebook to reinvigorate your working week. Snap up this super-cool organiser from Paperchase and get planning, making sure you schedule in some exercise and rest times in to your day.

Go analogue

We have all become a slave to the ‘available’ green tick on Microsoft Teams. We don’t have to be online ALL the time. In the office we wouldn’t be concerned about constantly being available online. We may go across the office to chat to a colleague, go and make a coffee, or spend a short time away from our machine, so why do we find it necessary to ‘mouse wobble’ and keep our screens alive when WFH?

Take that time away to read a chapter of your self-study book, or have 10 minutes away for a coffee, or to take a call whilst going for a walk. Reduce your screen time and take time to be present in the moment and enrich your work through non-digital influences and experiences.

Escape the mundane

Bored of your four walls? Escape the mundane and work from another location, whether it’s a café in your local museum, or a bar or restaurant that’s quieter in the

daytime. A change of scenery is as good as a rest, as they say.

Birmingham home workers can check out Work From Here for some cool and funky workspace alternatives, from the historic Aston Hall through to the funky Park Regis Hotel, there are a whole range of inspiring spaces for individual workers through to meeting venues.



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